A remarkable accident happened in a town called Spijkenisse a couple of days ago. Late in the evening a metro train failed to stop in time and came to a halt on a whales tail. I had to reread that piece of information a few times over as well. The case: Spijkenisse has a metro line with a dead end, situated several meters above ground level. The dead end, also called track tail in Dutch, was decorated twenty years ago with a large piece of art. The artist used the concept of a tail and created two large whale tails rising from the water. Those tails have been standing there for twenty years. Two nights ago, a train driver failed (for unknown reasons so far) to stop in time, drove through the stop block and landed the train on one of those whale tails. Much to the surprise of the artist, who came to take a look at the new rendition of his work, the tail, made of plastic, didn’t crumble beneath the weight of the carriage that now balances on top of the tail. The driver got of safe and there were no passengers on the train when the accident happened. The piece of art in all likelihood saved his life. Therefore you are allowed to marvel at this remarkable accident. Now the big question is how to get the carriage of the whale?