I’m at the brink of signing up for the data & AI course at Techionista Academy. I’ve been looking for a way to up my skills on the data front for a few years now. So far, the courses I looked at were either too time intensive or too expensive. The one at Techionista I can afford. Due to Covid-19 they do the entire course online, which gives me great flexibility while taking care of Daughter after school. Following the part-time schedule for 22 weeks leaves a bit of time left doing work for clients as well. And a 22 week long course, starting the second week of January, will give me something to focus on during the long winter months while we wait for the salvation of covid-19 through vaccination programs or, in case vaccines are useless, until the weather allows us to meet outdoors again. The only downside: I will have to use Windows because Techionista partners with Microsoft. I can live with that.

The mere thought of going back to school makes me nervous, though. My last exam was sixteen years ago. I was so glad the days of working for grades was over. Nevertheless, if I indeed sign up for the class and pass the exams in June 2021, I will be a Microsoft Azure certified data nerd at the beginning of Summer 2021. How does that sound?