Today it is fifteen years ago that I had to explain to my father, who was working in the garden without a coat on, that we were about to be snowed in. He was skeptical. Not a cloud in the sky up north. By the end of the day a monster traffic jam on the A1 required handing out of blankets, drinks and food. Some people spent the night in their cars.

November 25th 2005 was the day the Man and I had an appointment with an estate agent to visit a house for sale. We didn’t like that one, but a few doors down, another one was just on the market. We took a look at it and it seemed like a perfect fit for us. Within the half hour we spent in that street, our car got covered in a thick layer of snow. We barely made the short ride back home.

Later that day, I could prove to my dad it wasn’t just a little bit of snow.

The long term consequences were still visible years afterwards. A group of young trees close to our new home in Enschede collapsed due to the weight of the snow. The land owner left them untouched. Whenever I walked past those trees I remembered that day, the day we found our lovely home in Enschede.

(bonus links: Tubantia, RTV Oost)

P.S.: I acknowledge the fact that in other parts of the world a snow storm is a yearly recurring phenomenon. As it is so rare in The Netherlands, we lack a proper infrastructure to deal with large quantities of snow.