The most wonderful projects I’ve done are those where I jumped on an idea and simply started executing without worrying too much about feasibility or whether I have the right skills to do it. Yes, in all those projects I constantly doubted myself and beat myself up for starting it in the first place. But once finished I always felt joy. Joy of delivering something, joy of developing new skills along the way, joy of personal growth. And sometimes the result turned out to be more than I expected.

I therefore recognize a lot in the presentation I watched of Sam Gainsborough who animated/directed a short animation called Facing It. He had something in his mind for a long while. He then got the opportunity to execute the idea and went for it. He came to the conclusion that it was a lot more work than imagined, but simply carried on. Frame by frame animating many ‘clay’ heads. Six months work. Frame by frame getting rid of the green screen and matching those heads on the real actors. Five months work. All that for a 7 minute long film. The result is amazing and worth every second. Watch the end result first, then watch Sam explain how he did it.