Since Fall 2020 I haven’t had that many occasions where I had to pay attention to what I’m wearing. As I spend most of my days sitting at my desk while watching my computer screen, especially since starting my course at Techionista Academy, I prefer to wear loose-fit trousers. Not the sporty kind or the pyjama kind, but nicely designed trousers with an elastic band and soft fabric. For months, the only reason to go outside was to go for a walk and for the larger part I did that at the end of the afternoon when it was already dark. So wearing my loose-fit pants outside was perfectly fine.

The past few weeks I slowly came out of hibernation mode (as Spring just keeps disappointing me). I went shopping on two or three occasions, a good excuse to wear more regular ‘can be seen in this by strangers’-trousers. And yesterday I had to ‘dress up’ for a visit to the exam centre in my home town.

In contrast to many people I didn’t gain corona kilo’s, I lost a few. The consequence is that my preferred pair of trousers for such occasions now require a belt. And after not wearing trousers requiring belts for many months, for the first time in my life I noticed how annoying belts actually are when in desperate need to pull down your trousers for a toilet visit.