Perfect weather for a visit to the beach yesterday. Overcast, about 23ºC and a pleasant breeze. We drove to Hornbæk (about 45 minutes, on the North shore of Sjælland) and spent an hour and a half playing on a very quiet beach, except for the whistles from a beach volleyball tournament.

Afterwards we drove to Helsingør to catch up with our dear friend H. It was a long time since we last met in the flesh, so we exchanged warm hugs and enjoyed lunch together in the harbor. I completely forgot to take pictures, as talking was way more important. Lots of life events happened when we last saw each other.

The perfect day ended with a bit of a scare when during dinner our neighbours called that our last remaining cat got hurt and wasn’t eating properly. They were making it sound like she was about to die. With a bit of calling back and forth a friend of ours took her to the vet today and her diagnosis is that Shiraz (the cat) has an infected wound on her paw that needs a bit of extra treatment in two days time. It’s fixable and the vet prescribed some pain killers for now. My parents, who will be driving past our home tomorrow after enjoying their holiday in Heemstede, will pick her up and take care of her the rest of our stay in Copenhagen. I’m glad we were able to arrange this and can stay in Denmark knowing that Shiraz will be in good hands.

Today we’re having a lazy day, hanging around the house, playing with Daughter’s new Playmobil the Man gifted her (he just couldn’t resist the offer on Playmobil’s website for a holiday package; I do feel a bit ambivalent about that since we’re in the land of Lego 😉 ).