Daughter fell ill on Wednesday. Daycare called and explained me she just threw up in the garden. I had to pick her up as soon as possible. Her illness caused a great deal of mental stress as my brother had his wedding on Friday. I really hoped it would turn out to be one of those bugs/viruses Daughter could rapidly recover from. No such luck. On Thursday she woke up with a fever and felt dizzy. Friday morning the fever was gone and she thought she felt better. She tried two bites of her breakfast and spit it out almost immediately. Then she went back to bed to take a rest so she could perhaps join the ceremony in Utrecht. But once in bed she immediately complained about stomach ache and while the Man and I were running through every scenario to get her to join the wedding by her bedside, she shouted at us she didn’t want to go and would stay in bed. “I’ll watch the video,” she said to me. I would live stream the ceremony as my brother-in-law’s family resides in Honduras and weren’t able to come either for obvious reasons.

I was glad Daughter made her own decision. It made logistics a lot easier during the day. I was deeply disappointed the Man and Daughter couldn’t join the party. It was pretty much the only event we didn’t want to miss this entire year. Daughter looked so much forward to wearing her party dress and dance like it was 2019. But shit happens. The upside was that I could fully immerse myself in the party without feeling the responsible mother. I had a really great time all day long.

When I got home on Saturday Daughter still hadn’t eaten much, but she was out of bed and doing things. Like playing with clay. She clearly was inspired by her one source of creative inspiration, Jill from TV, and made clay roses for me. I felt truly loved and missed.