I received my covid booster shot last Tuesday, but the day before I scheduled a last minute blood test to see how much antibodies I had. The thing is, in November both my housemates got ill from Covid19, but I didn’t. I had one day slight raise in temperature and my period came very late that month. I therefore suspected I did get Covid, but was able to fend of the virus without a fuss. At no point in time I tested positive, though, so I didn’t know for sure.

When testing for permission to enter Switzerland I discovered the commercial test center a short bike ride from my home offered antibody tests as well. I had no idea one could do that. It costs €50 so I didn’t immediately go for it, but last Sunday curiosity won so I booked an appointment on the last day before receiving my third dose.

The result came in two days later. Positive. I have antibodies well above the threshold value. Now it’s still not sure whether this is due to an infection or a result of my vaccination mid-July, but with nearly 8 times more antibodies than threshold value I assume that’s due to fending of a live virus. I guess the booster shot was not yet necessary in my case.

Perhaps I will retake the test in a couple of weeks, to see the effect of the booster shot.