Look up to the sky

As a kid I often felt overwhelmed when looking at the stars. I could feel overwhelmed about how insignificant I was. That I didn’t matter. That all of us mankind didn’t matter. That all of us would be gone at some point in time. So what’s the point of living if I don’t matter and everything will stop to exist without anyone to remember and tell about me, about us?, I asked myself often. 

I wasn’t the happiest kid on earth. I wasn’t the most depressed either. 

I also could feel overwhelmed by looking at the beauty of the sparkling dark sky. I clearly remember the evening I was up on a mountain and looked at the Milky Way for the very first time in my life. The sheer beauty of seeing what I was part of, what we were all part of, almost made me cry. I was in my early teens. 

With a little more life experience under my belt I don’t get scared anymore by my insignificance in the universe when looking at the stars. I even embrace the feeling as it reminds me that I’m all that what I see and that I belong as much as any star out there. That everyone and anything on this planet is the outcome of the same immeasurable coincidence as my existence. We’re all that what we see. We’re all built of the same atoms. The only thing I have to do to remember that, is look up to the sky at night.