As a teenager, I dreamt of living on a houseboat. Considering my fear when walking next to canals it wouldn’t be the most logical place to live, yet somehow a houseboat represented a certain kind of freedom or rebellion I felt attracted to. The tiny houses that are being built around the world have the same attractiveness now, as houseboats had back then. I guess the common factor between houseboats and tiny houses is the efficiency in furniture that a tiny space needs to live in. Tables that fold away, a bed that serves as a couch during the day, cupboards positioned in such a way they form a staircase, a kitchen that can be hidden behind doors. I often watch videos of tiny houses and their ingenious interior design.

Modern houseboats have lost that charm. They are now the size of a decent family home. Such as these two I passed in Utrecht. I observed a seperate work space, kitchen, living room and bed rooms below the surface. But still there is a tiny voice whispering in my ear when I see boats like these: wouldn’t it be cool to live in one of those?

Two modern houseboats in Utrecht