Currently I’m working my way through Zuboff’s The Age of Surveillance Capitalism. I first got to know her work through an episode of the Dutch documentary series Tegenlicht, in which she was interviewed.

I find her work tough to read; it’s not exactly written in easy to read language. However, I’m committing myself to reading it since the importance of Zuboff’s research on the economic mechanisms tech companies created worldwide cannot be understated.

For instance, this article on The Intercept, in which a former AI researcher of MIT Media Lab discloses the close ties of the research group with the big tech companies and how they were (not) working on the topic of ethics of AI, only confirms that the big Silicon Valley firms will do anything to prevent legislation to cut them off collecting their most profitable raw material: human online behaviour.

When scientific research labs of the most prestiguous institutes of the world stop trying to be impartial and independent, the whole world looses.