There are days I lack a bit of inspiration what to share with you in these daily updates. As Daughter is at home today, I asked her what I could write. This is the list of things she wanted to share. Between () I provide a bit of adult context:

  • She needs to go to the doctor. She received a letter via the mail man that invited her (for a regular growth check up and vaccination jab);
  • She has a unicorn balloon (which she picked to give to her grandparents for their birthdays, but the grandparents refused to take it home and regifted it to Daughter);
  • She once broke a glass (indeed, it only happened once and it must have been over a year ago);
  • One of the light bulbs was once broken and then worked again (which is still a mystery event to me as well; it’s one of the LED bulbs above our dinner table and it stopped working. The Man declared it broken, but it was the one that has been flaky before and it always started to work again after a while. I screwed it in a different socket, without a dimmer, and nothing happened. I agreed with Man’s diagnosis. I forgot to switch it off and at one point it was working again. So now it’s back in its original socket above our table. For now.).

There you go. Some random events in our lives Daughter wanted to share on the first day she wasn’t allowed to daycare.