• Pangheya is an island;
  • Pangheya is about 270.000 square metres big;
  • In the North there are mountains, up to 3200 metres high;
  • The South has a coastline of about 523 kilometers with sandy beaches;
  • There are eleven cities: Lowerd, Snitch, Dryl, Sled, Stare, Hylp, Work, Ballse, Harn, Frencher and Dock;
  • There are about 17 million people living on Pangheya;
  • Each city has about half a million inhabitants;
  • The rest lives in smaller villages of various sizes;
  • Visitors are not allowed, except with special permission from the government.

Tomorrow I’ll be finally able to leave this quarantine hotel and get to know Pangheya beyond the facts. I can’t wait.