A gap year, a new world, an alternative reality. Whatever this time is, it is weird. We all live small lives in a big and connected world. To make sense of it all I encouraged myself to start writing down observations. I use those observations to create a piece of fiction.

On this blog a new author started her journal. Anthropologist Ysuelt will keep you updated on her observations of the continent called Pangheya. Of course this is a fictional continent, but any resemblance to our world is not a coincidence.

To prevent confusion, I filter Ysuelt’s posts from the general feed of this site (thanks to the Man who created a custom plugin for that). If you want to follow Ysuelt’s research notes, you can subscribe to the Stories from Pangheya feed. You can also find the stories on my site via the menu, under Thema’s. Later on I will automagically share these stories through my Random Stories mailinglist as well.

BTW, feel free to share your own observations with Ysuelt. Happy reading!