The park we live close to is mainly a long stretch of grass, with a pond in the middle, trees on one end, a tiny slope on the other and a small playground area for kids up to about five years old. It lacks all the cool climbing objects other playgrounds in the neighbourhood have, but it does invite to play football, and do other games that require a lot of running. The houses that border this park all have their gardens opening up to the park. Essentially the park is their back yard and their private gardens are tiny terraces. That means home owners add to the park to create a more pleasant environment. There are picnic tables. There are plastic Ikea chairs. There is a play bike. There are almost always scoops and buckets one can lend for digging in the sand.

This year, when the weather turned summer like (which coincided with the stay-at-home-from-now-on week) a trampoline appeared in the park (which is too big for the private garden) and someone put up a swing in a tree. The community police officer told to remove the trampoline (it is on community ground and therefore the state is liable for accidents related to the object), but the swing is still there. In the afternoon, when the older kids are done with their homeschooling, kids stand in line to get on the swing, but during the morning it is not as busy in the park. Daughter had a lovely time on the swing. A very welcome crowd sourced addition to the park.