I’m halfway my two weeks of quarantine. With limited connection to the outside world (the internet is still not fixed) I’m starting to get bored. So much I started keeping track of the most mundane stuff. For instance, I measured the size of my room in this building. Fourteen feet wide, seventeen feet small. My foot size is very average. It’s a small room. Luckily I am allowed to go into the garden. It measures 25 feet wide and 63 feet long. Though that is an estimation since the garden is filled with flowers and a few trees, so walking a straight line is impossible.

I drank forty-nine mugs of tea. Yesterday they delivered a big box of tea bags, as they could see how quickly I was using up all tea bags on stock. The air here is very dry so I constantly feel the need to hydrate. On the other hand, I drank only fourteen cups of coffee. Two a day. If I drink too much of it, I can’t sleep at night.

I exercised twice. I know I should be doing more, but I lack the courage. I finished reading three books. A thousand and twenty-four pages in total. I stopped reading Infinite Jest. It’s just not my cup of tea. Apparently one can read a lot when living a distraction free life.

I’ve had four small interactions with the care taker. She is the one making sure I get to eat. Twenty meals in total so far. She is an excellent cook. I’ve seen her pick herbs and vegetables from the garden. All meatless meals by the way. Something I had to get used to, but is starting to feel normal now. Pangies don’t eat animals, so it’s part of living here anyway. I hope the care taker will teach me a few recipes before I start living on my own.

I also picked up drawing. I really suck at it, but only through practice one can get better. It is a pleasant variation on studying literature and reading fiction. I’ll share something when the connection allows me to.

Anyway, that’s is for now from a bored researcher.