Daughter watched her second online concert this morning. The first was a ‘pots and pans’ concerts, inviting kids to join with their own kitchen tools. Daughter hit the pans enthusiastically.

This morning the theme was farm animals. A little bit less interactive, but still fun to watch and we could sing along with the songs we knew.

Yesterday we were discussing in an online meeting what we wanted to keep from corona-era. These type of low-threshold concerts would be on my (short) list to keep. For five euros I buy myself access to a streaming link. I can decide to buy a ticket literally last-minute. There is no such thing as sold-out. I don’t have to take into account travel time. Daughter can watch in her undies. She can talk, scream and jump during the performance as much as she likes. No, it’s not the same as visiting a theater, but adding online performances to the mix would expand opportunities for artists (and for viewers who can’t visit the theater for whatever reason you can think of).