At the beginning of this year I started logging a few things in a very analogue manner. Crossing boxes on a single sheet of paper in my new organizer. One page is dedicated to keep track of the amount of fun things we do as a family. Visiting the zoo, going on holiday, going out for lunch, visiting family. My goal was to have such an event at least once a week.

As stay-at-home measures were announced, family trips were no longer an option. I struggled a bit to define what would count as family fun considering the new circumstances. On the one hand we were together all the time, on the other hand we stayed at home almost all the time. I decided to only count events that involves the three of us going somewhere outside our neighborhood or involves meeting other people. As you can see we only had one such event in April. We went for a long walk with friends in a very spacious park near Utrecht.

Starting June, provided we don’t see a dramatic rise in new hospitalizations in the coming weeks, museums are allowed to reopen. That at least widens the options for family fun again. For instance going for a walk on De Hoge Veluwe and visiting Kröller-Müller-museum. The local zoo is about to reopen too. But we’re not the only family looking for things to do outside of their home. Reservations need to be made so claiming a spot might get difficult.

What my one-page log tells me is something I already knew: corona-era is a bit boring.