I’m a fan of my Muji gel pens. I use them for my A6 drawings and I use them for writing (although I’ve now switched to fountain pens for writing). But my stock of black 0.5mm gel pens is running out. Recently I started using the last one and even though it will last me for a while I have been thinking about what to use next. The thing is, I used to buy these pens when visiting Düsseldorf where my dear friend P used to live. During my last visit, knowing P would move out of the country, I stocked up. And that stock is now gone. As Düsseldorf is now less of an attractive visit (no friends to hang out with, covid rules and slightly longer distance driving there) I have two options.

The first option is to order a bunch in the EU Muji store. Muji has no stores in The Netherlands, but they do ship to this country. However, it comes with significant shipping costs of a minimum of €8. That sounds a bit steep for pens that cost €1,95 a piece. Nevertheless, I can order by bulk to lessen the shipping costs per pen if I really want to keep using Muji pens. That said, I’d rather use something that I can buy locally.

So my second option is to find a similar (or better) alternative in the local shops. I went back to the store I bought my new fountain pen a couple of weeks ago, but they focus more on selling writing pens than pens to draw with. Then I went to the hobby shop in the city center. They have a wide collection of pens to choose from. After test driving several black pens I decided to buy a Tombow brush pen. I can use it for both details (I tend to use tiny dots a lot) and paint larger surfaces.

While I was there, I discovered another wonderful collection of felt tip pens in all tints you can imagine. In the last few pieces I drew I used colour as well. One was with water colour paint the other with Muji gel pens. I wasn’t really satisfied with the end result. Therefore I decided to buy a bunch of these felt tip pens to experiment with.

On my A6 cards they render like this.

So now I have to test drive the Tombow and the colours on a new drawing. I will post a review when I’ve finished a new card.

P.S.: I cycled 18 km on this trip. And I also enjoyed a coffee while writing.