Following Frank’s lead, I started to migrate out of Mailchimp’s data collection empire. I use Mailchimp for three e-mail subscription lists, all of them below a hundred subscribers. Mailchimp is so much overkill for the simple task of the occasional e-mail I send to a handful of people. Most of them are friends and family anyway. Therefore I decided to download Mailpoet on this website and recreate the e-mail subscription process to my blog posts. Apparently they are revamping the whole tool, but Mailpoet has everything I need for automatically sending a summary of all blog posts written in the past week.

In two hours time I:

  • created a new list and imported my subscribers;
  • set up an account to be able to use Mailpoets mailservice (free for less than 1000 subscribers);
  • created a new subscription form to replace the Mailchimp form;
  • had dinner;
  • changed some language in the basic messages for singing up;
  • created a template for the e-mail and scheduled it to be sent out on every Sunday again;
  • tested the sign-up process and all seems to be working.

Fingers crossed e-mail subscribers will see this message in their inbox next Sunday. And in case you want to receive the e-mail yourself, you can subscribe here.