More than a month actually since this household started to live a small life. It was the longest shortest time. Or the shortest longest time.

Time to celebrate some things that happened and didn’t happen during this period.

  • the Man and I still love each other, we didn’t argue, and we’re still living together in harmony;
  • Daughter is still a happy little girl, perhaps even happier since the weeks BC (before corona) as she got a bit bored with all the young kids in her daycare group;
  • Nobody in our family fell ill;
  • my father got (minor) surgery which hopefully make his heart beat better with less medication;
  • the Sun has been shining abundantly;
  • Daughter learned how to ride her bike without side wheels;
  • I did start that fiction series I hoped to start;
  • as a household our income is secure for this year;
  • generally speaking The Netherlands acted quickly enough to prevent total overload of our health care system; for a number of days the number of people in IC’s is declining, slowly but surely.

I’m forcing myself to remind myself of the good stuff here. Many months of small living will follow this first month and to be honest, I dread that perspective. I crave for some of my normal routines, being able to work four days a week being the biggest of them. I miss the special moments together with Daughter when we went somewhere together. For a coffee, for a lunch, for some shopping. Our trip to the Lego store was the last one before we were told to stay at home. I miss going to a museum, a thing I tried to do at least once a month. I miss hanging out with other people and most of all I miss the opportunity for to hang out with her grandparents.